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Welcome to E-CigarettesReviewed! If you're looking for the most honest and comprehensive reviews on all the best and top rated electronic cigarette brands in the market, you've come to the right place. We understand that looking for that perfect brand for your needs can be difficult with all the hundreds of brands out there, so we've narrowed down only the bestselling names so you won't have to waste your time and money on trial and error. We base our reviews from a handful of reliable sources so rest assured that what you'll find here are straightforward and unbiased recommendations.

Our 2017's Top 2 E Cigarette Brands

Born out of a need for higher standards in the ecig game, VaporFi stands for innovation and technology. Changing the face of vaping, they're the first to feature a Digital Screen, Puff counter, and Battery meter - it's ecig technology at its finest! With 6 unique state of the art vaporizers, top of the line eliquids, and over 30,000 ways to make your very own custom blends, VaporFi is unmatched in terms of enjoyment and high performance. Read More...

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Offering genuine satisfaction and superior quality, V2 Cigs has successfully become the preferred international ecig brand designed 100% in the USA. Experience the highest quality in terms of taste, trust, and technology, V2 Cigs takes it up a notch with FREE domestic shipping, a Lifetime Warranty, and Money Back Guarantee. Choose from 6 incredible kits and upgrade to their revolutionary EX technology to take your ecig experience to new heights. Read More...

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Our Professional Team

Our professional team scour the world wide web for ecigarette brands that are top performing and top rated by actual users. We gather testimonies from real ecig users, to exploring the brands' reputations, to evaluating the products from cartomizers to e-liquids as well as their customer service records.

We believe that an e cigarette brand's performance is not only limited to the products themselves, but its overall package - which includes perks, customer service, and the commitment to take their brand further.

We rank the brands on variety of products, innovation, technology, and excellent customer relations. So expect that the best and top rated brands that we evaluate have the overall package of an honest-to-goodness incredible brand.

We present them to you in terms of the individual products that they offer, the top starter kits, bonuses and promos, and the latest technologies that they offer.

With a deep seated understanding that it can be confusing to choose one brand from the other, we encourage you to take these factors into consideration when choosing the best brand of ecig for you:

Value - We present to you the different price ranges of each and every brand and product so it's easier for you to decide whether or not the products are within your budget.

Get to compare the different price points of different brands, see how much cartridge refills are, and how long batteries last. There may be times when a brand seems cheaper than others but it may only be at face value. If you take a look at the costs of accessories, you may discover that the brand is actually more expensive to maintain.

So let us help you discover what the real value of an ecig product is.

Selection - A great ecig brand offers a wide range of products that allow them to be versatile. If a cartridge is specific to a certain atomizer, then your choice of flavors may only be limited to what the brand offers. So you have to really take a look at whether or not this is fine with you or not.

We also want to present to you the different brands that offer everything under one roof, so you wouldn't have to go from one store to another just so you can have a great ecig experience.

Return Policy - Our research includes the brand's return policy such as whether or not a brand has a 30-Day money back guarantee. We make sure that the brands we recommend here have excellent customer service records so not only will you be satisfied with the products themselves, you'll also be happy with the relationship you have with the brand.