As an alternative for traditional tobacco smoking, electronic cigarette was invented to replace the former for a better lifestyle. Long term smoking of cigar is dangerous to one's health as the mortality rate from disease caused by cigarette smoking is relatively high and many reviews for cigarette consumption could proved this.

However, despite of information available in the web and as well as some e cigarette reviews in regards with the health benefits for this alternative lifestyle, many people still have little knowledge about the product.

What is electronic cigarette or e cigarette?

ecigarettesE cigarette is a small gadget powered with rechargeable battery that mimics the traditional cigarette by emitting gaseous substance that looks like smoke. Some types of the device also deliver small portion of nicotine along with other substances, but there are other brands that release nicotine free vapor. This website provides e cigarette reviews for you to fully understand the device.

What are the three types of e cigarette?

  • First generation e cigarette – This type resembles like a real cigarette. This is a common type of e cigar and can be either rechargeable or disposable. This type of cigar is handy and light in weight. Further details of some examples to this type is also available to this website reviewing all types of e cigarettes.
  • Second generation e cigarette – This type of e cigarette is the most popular type and has better vapor emission, longer battery life and bigger than the former type.
  • New generation e cigarette- This type has numerous high quality features as compared to the two types in terms of amount of vapor produced, battery life and overall performance.
  • What are the basic parts of e cigarette?
  • Battery – Rechargeable through plugging USB port onto the main power source. (b)Atomizer – The main component of the device, and it consists heating element for producing vapor.(c)Cartridge – Storage of liquid solution for vapor.

If you wish to have the best e cigarette on the planet, this site had reviewed various e cigarettes with high quality components.

How to use the device?

howitsused(a) Make sure that the device is charged and ready to use. Almost all newly bought products are partially charged and you can enjoy it already.
(b) The next step depends on what type of e cigarette you purchased. For automatic e cigarette, there's no need to switch any button if the device is fully charged. In this type, when you position the mouthpiece in to your mouth, the atomizer is activated, heating the liquid solution or 'e-juice' drawn from the cartridge, vaporizing it and can now be inhaled. This review site gives further explanation of this type of e cigarette.
Special precaution : Don't exhale onto the device as the 'e-juice' will be pushed back onto the battery and will damage your e- cigarette.
In manual type, on the other hand, a button located on the side of e cigar will able the user to control the atomizer. However, there's also precaution. Don't press the button for too long because it can be easily overheated.

There are two methods on how to refill the cartridge.

  1. Drip method- Using a dropper, withdraw the liquid solution or 'e-juice' from its container and drip a few drops ontothe open cartridge. Estimate the amount in filling the cartridge and close it after refilling. Wait for the liquid to be completely saturated before use.
  2. Injection method – For using syringe, this method is the best way of refilling the cartridge avoiding liquid spill. All you need is withdraw the liquid from the bottle and inject the needle onto the center of the e- cigar cartridge filler. Avoid overfilling. Cap the cartridge after use.

What Are The Benefits of e-cigarettes

There is a continuous debate whether the use of e cigarette has benefits or rather dangerous to health. However, after so many forums, discussions and reviews of e cigarette consumption, there are more advantages in using e cigarette than disadvantages. These are the following:

  1. The use of e cigarette is a way to reduce short -term cravings for tobacco smoking. As compared to traditional smoking, there is a smaller amount of nicotine releases by the e cigarette.
  2. It is revealed to some e cigarette reviews that using e cigarette is an effective way for smoking cessation program, however, this claim is continuously discussed by many healthcare authorities.
  3. It has fewer toxic effects that can cause serious illness such as lung cancer.
  4. The amount of nicotine produced by e cigarette is minimal as compared to traditional cigarettes.

How Will You Choose Your E Cigarette Brand?

bestbrandsSelecting e cigarette can vary from each individual because owning one is a personal choice. Many e cigarette reviews are available in the web that can provide you the information about the product you want. However, not all these reviews tell the truth as some only want to endorse their own product. Finding a reliable website of e cigarette review can be very difficult for some, and if you happen to stumble here finding the best e cigarette review site, consider yourself lucky.

This website provides review of the most popular and the best e cigarette on the planet. Also, This e cigarette review site includes a careful review of other types of e cigarettes giving you the freedom to choose, as selecting personal e cigarette is an individual choice. This e cigarette review site is tested and proven for consumer sake.

If ever you are now confused of what device appropriate for you, this e cigarette review site is what you are looking for, as we did our job and best effort to deliver you the pros and cons of each e cigarette through collected reviews from average consumers and company manufacturers. This e cigarette review site provides free guideline on how you select your personal e cigarette.
Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Buying E cigarette What type of e cigarette user am I?

It is very important to know yourself first. For a beginner like you, this e cigarette review site provides some reviews of e cigarette suited for your personal use.
Likewise, e cigarettes for professionals are available to this review site.

Do I like the small one but heavy, or the bigger one but lighter in weight?

This e cigarette review site will do the job for you, and all you have to do is just sit back, relax and choose the best product that is right for you we as provide detailed information about the size and weight that you want for an e cigar.

Am I going to buy the cheapest brand? Or, the most expensive type?

It is true that many people are reluctant to choose a cheap brand because of the quality issue, however, through careful review of each e cigarette, we can assure you that even the brand maybe the cheapest, it may still have all the qualities you need for an e cigar.

I am also particular with the amount of nicotine the e cigarette produced, do you also have some reviews for it?
To answer you with that, yes. This e cigarette review website features types of e cigarettes and their performance including the portion of nicotine in vapor produced by each e cigarette. Let's face it, whether we like or not, some users may tend to like a portion of nicotine from the e cigarette, and again, this review site will give you information about that.

This e cigarette review website has all you need and all the information you wanted to learn about e cigarette, helping you choose your personal e cigarette.

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