About us

E-CigarettesReviewed is all about presenting the facts gathered on electronic cigarette reviews to you, the consumer. Also we offers news, information, and reviews for the e cigarette crowd. People who use e-cigs are now called vapers; generally they are former smokers. Many of them are still struggling to discontinue their smoking habits; that is why they choose e cigarettes. One major problem for vapers is that they have inherited much of the bad press that smokers have long been bombarded with.

The Anti-Smoking group tends to be rigid in its views and does not encourage the viewpoints of others. So when vaping came along, many of the Anti-Smokers included vaping as equally bad or worse than cigarettes. It was an extended target.

We are here to say that vapers have rights. We are not a religious cult or group of drug addicts, but people with freedom of will who are entitled to vape. E-CigarettesReviewed stands up for its beliefs, first to reduce the damages and ill health created by tobacco cigarette smoking, and to provide a plausible alternative to these smokers. We present reviews of the best e cigarette brands that are currently offered on the market.

We can tell you about beginner level starter kits or we can advise you on the difference between the lower cost disposable e cigerettes and the higher end e cig mods, which are battery operated.

E-CigarettesReviewed follows the latest studies and vaping community news and we let you know about it as soon as it happens. Any tips or tricks we hear of, we pass right along to you. Special offers or deals we will also tell you about. Political movements get our specialized priority watch, as does any type of industry change.

We aim to educate the public about vaping, its uses, and its problems. Concerns and questions will not be stifled by the unfounded demands of Anti-Smokers.