Can E-cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?

If you are a smoker, the best thing you can do is quitting it. However, this is also a very difficult task. One has to choose from an infinite number of smoking ending products right from the patch to drugs, but one of the most ignored product in this space is the e-cigarette. The reason being many recognize it as a replacement of traditional cigarettes, experts claims when used properly, e-cigarette can become the most powerful tool to quit smoking.

quittingsmokingE-cigarettes are powered by batteries usually contain nicotine and other additives like chocolate, mint, bubblegum etc. The amount of research on this subject are very few, however the University College of London recently published a report where they establish that e-cigarettes were 60 percent more useful in assisting people quit smoking compared to quitting cold Turkey. 

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

The idea of using e-cigarettes is to steadily wean yourself off nicotine by moving its doses to lower levels. Carla Berg, an assistant professor of behavioral sciences and health education at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta says the use of e-cigarette is an ambiguous science, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not regulate them. This means there may be a huge inequality in the amount of nicotine advertised and its actual quantity. Although, FDA recently came out with a set of rules to regulate e-cigarettes, it is still under consideration by the FDA.

Berg admits that the biggest concern regarding the use of e-cigarettes is often first time users receive a very high level of nicotine because they are unaware its actual quantity in the liquid and sometimes the additives also has the taste of nicotine. Therefore, when they take their first whiff, it can make make them very anxious and discontinue its use.

Berg advises to the first timers to start with a low nicotine level, increase only if you feel the need of it. The best starting point is 12 mg/ml. She also mentioned about group therapy and doctor arbitration in quitting smoking procedure and not do it alone. According to many experts, e-cigarettes are more useful when used with other smoking ending methods. 

Although the informal evidence seems to show e-cigarette to be effective, the issue is in the lack of quality studies on the subject. Because of that, it is hard to know its long-term effects on the people’s health and how long these quitters stay away from actual smoking. The first smokeless though patented way back in 1963, it is only in 2003 e-cigarettes made it to the market for consumer use.

Another worry of the experts is that it can draw smokers from the younger crowd who may not otherwise initiate smoking and normalize the smoking in the younger generation. 

However, Berg and other experts also mentioned that they would continue to recommend e-cigarettes until it proved to be dangerous on the people’s health. More studies need to happen on this subject to come out with a clear conclusion of how good or bad e-cigarettes are.