I wish I could tell you, that running anything on the internet, especially a website was free. We need to supply cash which fuels the proverbial vehicle of success which allows us to provide you with the highest quality free services to you the loyal consumer. In order to do so, we must look to from a wide variety companies, who in turn pay us to review their products.

Affiliate Marketing

Now, your probably asking yourself, what in the world is affiliate marketing. The basis of affiliate marketing lies in the sales of those products mentioned earlier. Say someone is reading on our reviews, and decides to buy one of the products listed within, from there they visit the product page from one of our affiliate links, letting the company know the product was recommended through us.

In turn, we receive a small fee (which varies from company to company) and you end up with your desired product.

Now we know that a system such as this can be put into the very wrong hands and abused. Giving you a lower standard product, just to make a quick buck.That is exactly what we aim to stop. All our reviews are based on the product and the true facts behind; totally unbiased, so that you can look into each product with a fresh perspective and maybe even get rid of those tobacco based cigarettes for good.

Help us Out

Seeing as though the affiliate marketing is a large chunk of what we need to keep posted on the newest developments and information on e-cigarettes, we would greatly appreciate it, if you clicked our link when making a purchase. It's the same process that you would normally go through, but in the end supports our site by doing so.

How Else Do We Make Money?

Ads are also a big part of our site, but are always clearly detectable. They will always come across advertisements, and nothing else.

Any questions or concerns? Take a trip down to the contact page and send us a question, we will be glad to answer them.