Electronic Cigarettes Do’s and Don’ts

Electronic Cigarette is a device that is similar to an ordinary cigarette which allows simulating the process of smoking. Packaging of electronic cigarette includes a replaceable cartridge, atomizer and battery. Regular electronic cigarette is equipped with LED, visually stimulating smoldering tobacco.

Strength and taste of cigarettes depends on the electronic cartridges, which contains nicotine and flavoring agent. A Single cartridge is equivalent to 30-50 standard cigarettes. It can be unscrewed from the main body and can be easily replaced.

Smoking cigarettes can satisfy the temptation for smoking, significantly reducing the cravings for cigarettes and ordinary reducing irritability. With proper use and care, the electronic cigarette can last for years and you can enjoy every puff of it. So you need to know some dos and don’ts of your electronic cigarette. 


  1. Sometimes it is necessary to purge the atomizer. You must do this before all the liquid comes to end and steam to completely stop being produced. 
  2. If you see that the amount of steam decreased, it is necessary to fill the cartridge. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the atomizer. 
  3. If you change the flavor of the liquid used, you need to clean the atomizer to produce the original taste. 
  4. If in the process of filling, the atomizer has been poured too much e-liquid, disconnect the atomizer and let it dry for ten to fifteen minutes. 
  5. When you first start to use a new battery, charge it for about 6-8 hours. 
  6. Always remove the cartridge if the electronic cigarette is not used for a long time.
  7. Do read the complete manual of the manufacturer of your e-cigarettes.
  8. Do change the cartridge if electronic cigarette vapor density decreases.
  9. Always periodically charge the battery and refill cartridges. 
  10. Do protect your electronic cigarette from the direct heat and moisture.


  1. Don’t not store the batteries discharged because Li-ion battery in an uncharged state decreases their lifespan. 
  2. Don’t press the button of your electronic cigarette too long as it will cause heat up of its parts.
  3. Do not leave the atomizer without e-liquid.
  4. Don’t put the Li-ion batteries recharge after a few minutes of use.
  5. Don’t allow the battery fluid flooding as in rare cases it can cause a short circuit and damage the battery.
  6. Don’t use refilled cartridges for more than 5-7 times, the subsequent filling will simply ineffective. 
  7. Don’t use any substandard and counterfeit electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is not subject to mandatory certification, and therefore does not exclude the presence of low-grade counterfeits devices that may pose a threat to health.
  8. Don’t keep your electronic cigarette (especially the battery) near metal objects, since the interaction with them leads to the discharge of the battery.
  9. Don’t use electronic cigarette in public before getting permission to others because it may irritate them. 
  10. Don’t always smoke your e-cigarette because it may increase the amount and duration of smoking, which in turn is interpreted as a bad social habit.
  11. Don’t use electronic cigarette if you are pregnant or lactating women, people under 18 years old, those who have problems with cardio – vascular system, as well as non-smokers- those who want to use the electronic cigarette only as fashionable and stylish accessory.