How To Spot Fake E-Cigarette Reviews

Mastering how to spot fake e-eigarette reviews sites is of paramount importance to consumers. This will ensure that you are only consuming the right product. Online merchants and companies that produce sub- standard products are likely to post fake consumer reviews.

Fake- cigarettes are quite dangerous to the users because they may contain harmful additives or fillers. These additives may be carcinogenic or cause other medical complications. You should therefore screen the product to your satisfaction before you pay any money.

It is advisable for consumers to be familiar with the actual sizes and colors of their favorite brands. This will protect them from being exploited by online scammers. Majority of people look for e cigarettes to quit smoking, and the right product will help you to do so!

Essential Tips On How To Spot Fake E-Cigarette Reviews Sites

Sending an email to the site administrator:

You can contact the author of the website through an email asking him or her give you the actual specifications of the product. You will then be able to ascertain whether he or she is selling a genuine product depending on the reply.

Consider the flavor:

You should verify the flavor of the e- cigarette. If you are a regular user you will know whether the details about the flavor of the product a genuine or not.

Consider details about the product materials:

It is very important for you to read and understand carefully all the details about the material of the product. You should consider details about, central cartilage, handle and components. Ideal e-cigarette consists of brown filter, white cylindrical tube and red glowing tip. 

Genuine e- cigarette contains liquid nicotine dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol and water. You should refrain from online reviews which suggest any other additional ingredients. The authors should also suggest though pros and cons about the various brands in the market. 

They should even suggest essential details such as comparing the battery life of different models in the market. Most products that lack essential details are likely to be fake and harmful to your health.

Speaking in a user friendly manner:

Genuine manufacturers respect their customers. They will always discuss comprehensively how the product will help the consumer. If the reviews only talk about the features of the product and not how it is important to the user, then it is advisable to avoid such sites.

Actual pictures of the product:

Genuine website authors will post the actual picture of the product. Most companies now prefer 3D printed products. This helps the consumer to ascertain whether the site is genuine or not. You should not be fooled by pictures cut and pasted from other brands website.

Look for tell- tale signs:

After reading the author of the website reviews, you will be able to ascertain whether he or she has used the product. Fake authors will always post misleading information about the product.

Do Research:

Consumer savvy individuals always carry out research to master all the details about the product they wish to buy. You can use search engines on the internet to verify all details about the product.

Consider the nature of the store:

Popular online stores usually receive positive consumer reviews. You should avoid sites that are unpopular but have vast consumer reviews. Such sites are likely to be promoting sub- standard product.

In conclusion, the above informative guidelines on how to spot fake e-cigarette reviews will be very helpful to all users. You should not believe reviews coming from fake online scammers and merchants. Fake reviews can fool you to buy a sub- standard product that may eventually harm you.

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