We are serious about protecting your privacy here at The best way to describe how we use your personal details is we will use the information to improve your user experience only after your permission; otherwise, we will not share that information with any third parties or use it to send promotional emails. However, the situation will be different when the US law required user information in case of any fraud monitoring since we bounded by the law. Nevertheless, generally we do not share that information with anyone and remain in a secure place.

The Short Revision

What We Collect? collects your personal details only after your permission. Personal information includes name, address, email, phone, etc that defines your personal identity. We use the details to improve your site navigation and that too after your permission; otherwise, we won’t take your information at all.


Almost every website use cookies, so do we. Cookies are small documents stored on your device and contain non-sensitive details, which allow us to know how a user navigates our site. This helps us to improve our site and user experience to serve our users better. What cookies do is, it tells us which pages are popular and which pages requires attention. Your browser is set up to receive cookies automatically, but you can always change that from the options bar at the top of the menu bar.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is also a part of non-sensitive details, which we use to obtain actionable information with the help of Google Analytics. It helps us to improve our site navigation and no personal details taken from you.

How Can We Use Your Information

If you permit us to collect any sensitive information about you, we will not share it with anyone, nor do we use it to send promotional emails without your permission. There are some times when we required to provide your personal information to other parties like Government agencies and officials guided by law, but in general rule we keep your details safe.

If you are interested in our contests, special discounts, etc, you must allow us to use to personal details so that we can send you these offers.

We use your data in the stuffs like:

We will only do things that we mutually agreed upon and you remain in complete control with use of the site. We will do nothing with your data keeping you uninformed.

Keeping Your Information Safe

We have taken numerous steps to protect your privacy and prevent your sensitive details from illegal access. We have an electronic, physical and managerial security system in place to ensure unauthorized access of your data.

Opting Out of Receiving Emails

It is up to you whether you want to continue to receive promotional emails and newsletters or not. We respect your decision if you want to opt out of receiving promotional emails and do not want any more of those messages. You can easily update your preferences by contacting us any time. You are also free to request a copy of any data we have relating to you and your privacy.

External Sites

If you look around our site, you will see links to third party websites, as these sites not covered by the privacy policy. We have no control on what they do and you can know more about these sites by visiting their website. We are not responsible for the protection of your information you submit to these sites through our website, but we ensure you that we will use your details as defined in the privacy policy.

Contacting us

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us through our contact us page or email us at: